Powering a sustainable and equitable future through Indigenous youth-led clean energy projects 

ImaGENation (Imagine-Nation) is an Indigenous youth mentorship program that nurtures youth’s leadership potential to advance a sustainable and equitable energy future though youth-led clean energy projects. The program is facilitated in partnership between Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE), SevenGen Student Council and Student Energy 

The ImaGENation cohort is comprised of 10 teams of Indigenous youth from across Canada who will embark on an 18-month journey to launch their clean energy project idea. Each team is provided with a culturally embedded ecosystem of support to reach their project goals, including technical mentorship, knowledge keeper guidance, and a $10,000 project award. The project is rolled out in phases as Indigenous youth teams are guided to successfully reach their goals in alignment with Indigenous values and community engagement principles.

Project themes are centered on clean energy as it relates to land, water, food, and/or infrastructure sustainability solutions that impact Indigenous communities. Indigenous youth will develop skills that can be carried into career aspirations within the clean energy economy, building generational knowledge that can be translated into a reclaimed sustainable future. Indigenous youth team participants will develop skills in the areas of:   

» Indigenous clean energy leadership  

» Project planning and management  

» Community engagement  

» Partnership outreach  

» Energy and financial literacy  

» Collaboration and networking  

Designed for Indigenous youth by Indigenous youth, ImaGENation instills youth vision and voices within the transition to clean energy. The program’s robust eco-system of support can assist any young Indigenous person on their path to becoming an energy leader. 

ImaGENation creates space for Indigenous youth to imagine the energy future of their nation and an opportunity to transform that vision into meaningful project-based action.