Trevor Trainor (He/Him)

Title and Workplace

President and Building Science Specialist, Bawating Building Science


Stratford, Ontario


Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Trevor Trainor is the President and a Building Science Specialist at Bawating Building Science.  He specializes in the hygrothermal performance of wall and roof systems in extreme, cold climates. He has extensive experience monitoring moisture and heat flow in enclosure systems, developing hygrothermal and energy models and performing forensic investigations on buildings with moisture-related issues.

Trevor graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Building Science M.A.Sc. The program, where his research involved modelling wood-frame building enclosure systems for net-zero housing and field exposure testing of high-R wall designs. His educational and career experience in field research, modelling and forensic investigations give him a unique perspective on developing high-performance building enclosure designs.

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

I enjoy working with indigenous youth because of their enthusiasm for their projects.  I like helping them break down large, complex tasks into manageable steps and focussing their confidence on those elements of the project that are critical for success.  I also enjoy teaching the principles of Building Science and applying them to real-world tasks.

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

I would like to work with any Indigenous youth who are looking to contribute to their communities and are interested in learning more about high-performance buildings.