Terri Lynn Morrison (She/Her)

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Pointe-À-la Croix, Quebec


Areas of Expertise

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A proud Mi’gmaq from Listuguj, Quebec, Terri Lynn is a First Nation executive with a passion for bridging the gap between Indigenous communities, Provincial and Federal government, and industry, primarily in the renewable energy sector.

Her experience is primarily working with stakeholders about Indigenous rights and titles, sustainable natural resource management, and the development of robust partnerships based on Indigenous values and knowledge. Terri Lynn has held several key leadership positions working in clean energy. She was awarded the Rising Star by the Techno Centre Eolienne Quebec in 2016 and played a key role in the award of Excellence in Human Resource Management for the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Wind Farm, where she was the Project Director of the 150 MW wind farm.

Terri Lynn has extensive presentation and facilitation experience between proponents, communities, and leadership. She’s participated in many important panels across the country hosted by the CCAB, Globe Forum 2022, and Pembina. She contributed ar􀆟cles to the Globe, Vanity Community Investment Bank, and CCAB to advocate for Indigenous partnerships built on Indigenous ways and knowledge.

Working closely with Indigenous peoples, large corporations, and government to share stories about what we can all learn and improve on while highlighting Indigenous success stories and best practices contributed to Terri Lynn being named part of the #WOMENLEADINGCLEANTECH by Foresight Canada in 2022. She has also mentored over 120 20/20 Catalysts with Indigenous Clean Energy who are from across the county and leading work in their communities to advance energy projects and create economic benefits.

Terri Lynn has always had a passion for exploring ways that Indigenous communities, industry, Territorial, and Provincial governments can reach a consensus on how they will work together. As a communicator, mentor, and leader, she is committed to creating space, driving growth, fostering open dialogue, and ensuring that Indigenous voices are represented and heard in important discussions.

Terri Lynn considers herself a lifelong learner and is pursuing an MBA in Community Econ

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

ICE mentorship allows me to have the opportunity to give back by sharing stories and supporting mentees in a meaningful way.

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

Indigenous youth and women interested in becoming clean energy experts and facilitating community engagement