Janice Ashworth (She/Her)

Title and Workplace

Project Manager, Climate Change and Resiliency, City of Ottawa




Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Janice has been a project manager for Climate Change and Resiliency at the City of Ottawa for over two years where she co-authored the Energy Evolution Strategy and now leads on emissions reduction projects for private buildings. Her areas of expertise are solar project development, energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial buildings, and financial solutions. She also has a background in community finance of sustainable energy projects.

She co-founded and managed the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative and CoEnergy Co-op for 8 years where she developed $9 million in local solar energy and energy conservation projects. She aims to use her skills in business development, project management, and financing to support Indigenous clean energy leaders.

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

I love helping Indigenous champions to realize their clean energy dreams. I support the objectives of ICE programs and enjoy getting to know the Indigenous leaders who are working hard to make their communities more sustainable. I am happy to chat and share my expertise in project development, co-op ownership, financing, solar, and energy efficiency.

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

Groups and special interests in solar development, energy efficiency, project financing