Grant Sullivan (He/Him)

Title and Workplace

President of Nihtat Energy Ltd


Beaufort Delta region


Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Grant has lived in the Beaufort Delta region for most of his life and understands the need for knowledge, understanding and caution as we endeavour to not only protect our environment but to safely expand and support resource development in our Region.  He has seen the effects of climate change on lands, mountains, rivers and on traditional lifestyles, and believes that Clean Energy development will assist residents of small communities to understand the value, cost-effectiveness and application of clean energy initiatives to meet their energy needs and in return enhance their commitment to the protection of the environment, land and resources. 

As President of NEL, Grant has served as overall Project Lead/Coordinator for several renewable energy projects advanced by either Nihtat Corporation or NEL since 2018.  This includes providing oversite/ direction in this capacity for the following projects: Inuvik High Point Wind Study (2016-2018), Multi-residential Solar Net Metering Demonstration project (January 2018-September 2019), Commercial Solar PV Installations in NWT and Nunavut (April 2018-May 2020).  Work on each of these projects was initially advanced by Nihtat Corporation and then undertaken by NEL starting in May 2019.  

Grant was a 20/20 Catalyst (2016) and is currently participating as an Energy Champion in the Indigenous Off-grid Diesel Initiative (IODI).  Through NEL, Grant was the first Energy Champion in the IODI program to be awarded an $800,000 prize towards pursuit of renewable energy initiatives.  Through this initiative, NEL is pursuing a series of staged developments in the Beaufort Delta region in 2021 and 2022, including the implementation of a solar project at the Inuvik Satellite Station Facility (ISSF) site near Inuvik in 2021; a 150 kV Solar PV Installation in Aklavik, also in 2021; and planning for a 1 MW grid-connected solar farm in Inuvik to be completed in 2022. 

As a Gwich’in participant, Grant has also been active in several Gwich’in organizations. This includes Gwich’in Settlement Corporation, Chair (responsible for 140 million in assets) (2012-2016); participation in Gwich’in/ Imperial Oil access and benefits negotiations regarding the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline; and lead business representative and board representative on the Nihtat Gwich’in Development Board. He was also previously the Executive Director of Gwich’in Council International (2012 – May 2019). 

Through these experiences, Grant has gained extensive experience and knowledge of the business community, arctic logistics and Indigenous governments in the Beaufort-Delta region.