Edward Genova (He/Him)

Title and Workplace

Strategic Advisor-First Nations Affairs Team, NB Power


Metepenagiag First Nation


Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Edward is a Mi’kmaq from Metepenagiag First Nation. He is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick (NB).  He worked in the education sector for the first 10 years of his career, and in 2007 he took a career change to work in the Industry. He has been with New Brunswick Power Corporation for 12 years. Additionally, Edward was one of the first 20/20 Catalysts for Clean Energy in Canada.

His role as a First Nations Specialist has given him many learning opportunities from human resource management to energy fundamentals for leaders. The work of the First Nation Affairs Team has improved relationships, strategized resolutions to legacy issues, created employment opportunities, and offered guidance, support, and facilitation to Indigenous communities in NB. Edward has worked towards creating an internal cultural awareness and sensitivity program for existing and new employees, as well as supporting employees to become leaders in Indigenous inclusion and corporate-Indigenous partnerships.

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

Mentoring with ICE is one of my passions. I have been an early supporter of ICE since I was a Catalyst in the very first cohort. I want to support and facilitate the development of clean energy projects to build capacity and contribute to self-sufficient Indigenous communities.

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

20/20 Catalysts and those with a special interest in energy efficiency, hydro, and building upgrades