Claire Cameron (She/Her)

Title and Workplace

Consultant at Dunsky Energy + Climate




Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Claire has six years of experience in sustainable energy and mobility initiatives, municipal climate change projects, and environmental policy and regulation. Since joining Dunsky, she has worked on various projects, including demand-side management program design, sustainable transportation research and policy design, and energy efficiency potential studies. Before joining Dunsky, she worked in environmental assessment at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and Environment and Climate Change Canada, gaining experience in energy and environmental policy, stakeholder engagement, and project management. She has also worked on projects to develop sustainable communities through the analysis of building and community energy use and emissions.

Claire holds a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science and has completed a Master’s degree in clean energy engineering and business management from the University of British Columbia. Environmental conservation is a theme that runs deeply through Claire’s work and her life.

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

I love working in the sustainable energy sector – there is always something new, no matter how long you’ve been in the field. Mentoring with ICE allows me to share the information and skills I’ve gained from my career so far and learn from my mentees!

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

I’m best suited to mentoring participants interested in understanding more about clean energy programs and policies (everything from EVs to efficiency), improving their professional skills (e.g., project management), or planning for their clean energy career.