Cedric Pepelea (He/Him)

Title and Workplace

Chief Operating Officer – Sustainable Kingston – (residential and commercial energy audits)


Kingston, Ontario


Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Cedric Pepelea is the Chief Operating Officer for Sustainable Kingston, where he focuses on residential and commercial energy audits to enhance the livability and resiliency of Kingston. He is an energy systems engineering technologist with strong technical skills related to energy conservation and renewable energy. Cedric is a part-time instructor at St. Lawrence College, teaching Autodesk REVIT architectural drawing software. 

With experience in private, public, academic and non-profits sectors, Cedric aims to bridge the gap between the engineering world and the business world by seeing carbon-reducing technologies implemented at a large scale. Through his work with ICE, Cedric respects the self-sufficiency of Indigenous communities and their culture, which is embedded in their connection to the land. He aims to inspire and motivate youth to promote community sustainability, especially in the face of climate change.

Why do you like mentoring with ICE?

I love hearing stories from Catalysts about their communities and the significant challenges they face; despite everything, they are still taking climate action seriously. Contradictory to many colonial spaces that discuss climate action but have little to no effort. Climate change can be quite discouraging, so seeing youth and communities leading the way gives me hope.

Who would you like to mentor with ICE?

Sample answers: Students, particular interest in solar power, etc.

My focus is on energy conservation, community energy planning, residential and commercial audits. I was simply taking a step back and creating a priority strategy using tools such as RET Screen Expert, among others.