Blair Hogan (He/Him)

Title and Workplace

President of Gúnta Business Consulting


Teslin Tlingit First Nation


Areas of Expertise

Program Participation

Blair Hogan is a Teslin Tlingit First Nation Citizen who has a strong history of effective community leadership in business development, economic development, and intergovernmental relations. Blair has assisted his self-governing first nation, the Teslin Tlingit Council and Community of Teslin, in developing political and financial strategies to access a wide-range of funds necessary to facilitate local community development and local opportunity creation. One of the biggest successes from Blair’s tenure as Executive Councillor is the successful development, launch, and long-term financing of Teslin’s local economic development agency, the Dèslin Development Corporation (DDC). Also working with various directors and subject matter experts to determine the best approaches to developing and capturing Own Source Revenue as a Self-Governing First Nation and working to create multiple opportunities for the community.

Blair has also helped the community of Teslin, Yukon implement one of the Yukon’s most successful biomass district heating systems supplied from locally sourced wood chips.