Global Hub

Global Indigenous clean energy action!

The place of Indigenous Peoples was affirmed in United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) which was ratified by almost every country worldwide, including Canada.

The ICE Social Enterprise's Global Hub is focused on promoting global Indigenous clean energy cooperation as a powerful means to give force to UNDRIP through Indigenous leadership and communities across the Planet.

The Global Hub’s activities are an expression that the World’s 350 million Indigenous people should play a central role in the global transition to a clean energy future.

Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Hub is developing initiatives that advance Indigenous clean energy cooperation emphasizing knowledge sharing, and the design of more socially, ecologically and economically impactful clean energy projects.

Global Hub initiatives on the horizon include:

  1. Indigenous Clean Energy Global Resources – Tool kits, Case Studies and Guides
  2. ICE Outreach & Collaboration – US-Canada, North America, Broader Americas, Asia, Africa, and Micronesia.
  3. Global Indigenous Clean Energy & Climate Change Action – Input and participation into UNFCC/COP and development processes
  4. Development Assistance to Indigenous Communities – Indigenous Energy Access and Poverty Alleviation Community & SDG’s
  5. Global Clean Energy Services Trade & Exports

Stay tuned. More action to come!