The Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise … catalyzing collaboration

Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Social Enterprise is a pan-Canadian not-for-profit platform which advances Indigenous inclusion in Canada’s energy futures economy through Indigenous leadership, and broad-based collaboration with energy companies, utilities, governments, development firms, Cleantech innovators, academic sector, and capital markets.

The ICE Social Enterprise platform catalyzes and supports clean energy enterprises that reflect and advance social outcomes to yield community-wide benefits.

Our Mission is to stimulate collaboration that empowers and facilitates leadership by, and meaningful collaboration with, Indigenous peoples in the transition to a clean energy future.

This drives us towards our vision of a collaborative, community-driven clean energy future respects the rights of Indigenous peoples and enriches their communities.

With that in mind, our work is:

  • Community Led – driven by the needs of Indigenous communities and others working in the space of Indigenous clean energy;
  • Impact focused – The ICE Network focuses on strategic actions that will unlock the full potential of the Clean Energy Economy; accelerating the development, and maximizing the benefits of, Indigenous clean energy projects; and
  • Intensely collaborative – achieving the impact needed requires inclusive, open, and active information sharing and working together to find collective ways forward.

In all that we do, the ICE Social Enterprise will:

  • Respect Indigenous rights, treaties and territory
  • Support Indigenous peoples as essential to Canada’s clean energy future
  • Promote Indigenous leadership in clean energy planning and decision-making
  • Advance Indigenous participation in projects/ventures as full/equal partners
  • Catalyze energy innovation that support healthy and resilient communities
  • Make enterprise decisions through Indigenous outreach and governance
  • Pursue defined Indigenous social, economic and environmental impacts
  • Embrace the notion of social enterprise as a force for sustainable prosperity
  • Build an Indigenous Clean Energy community in Canada, and globally

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