Youth Programming

Youth Programming

The Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise (ICE) explored the potential to leverage its existing capabilities and experience in capacity building to develop a training and career program for Indigenous youth for the clean energy sector. Given the diversity and breadth that youth programming can achieve, two programs with different streams are currently under development. 

Paired alongside the growing clean energy sector, which is expected to employ more than 550,000 Canadians by 2030, there is an opportunity for Indigenous youth to occupy a significant portion of these jobs. Further, ICE-led research indicates a 29.6% growth rate in the number of Indigenous clean energy projects from 2017 to 2020, indicating that Indigenous youth will play a critical role in advancing this movement over the next decade and beyond.  

On one hand, there is Generation Power, a program focused on clean energy training and the potential opportunity to develop an internship within the diverse career tracks that the clean energy sector has to offer.  

On the other hand, the ImaGENation program provides an entrepreneurship approach that is focused on mentorship and capacity building to support youth in leading their own unique clean energy project ideas. Considering Canada’s growing Indigenous population, aging workforce and accelerating clean energy sector, we strongly believe the creation and implementation of these two programs is timely. 


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