Ricky-lee watts

Youth Programs Manager 

Ricky-Lee Watts is ICE Youth Program Manager. He is named after his late-father, Rick Watts, whose ancestry is unknown, and through his mother, Molly Watts, he is Nuučaan̓uł. His Quu-as name, Aamiitlaa, means “blessed one”. He is a first generation University graduate, traveler, passionate dreamer, motivational speaker, and visionary leader.

With experience working with Indigenous communities, universities, government, and with a growing involvement in entrepreneurship, public speaking, travelling, and leadership, Ricky-Lee lives a life of interconnectedness and intentionality.

His vision is one that inspires values of ʔiisaak and hišukʔiš c̓awaak — respect for all creation having a common origin, and that everything is one.