Learn about Clean Energy

Welcome to the ICE Clean Energy Knowledge Centre!

This portion of the ICE website hosts tools and information to help you and your community learn about clean energy. Below you’ll find a selection of resources on different renewable energies and videos about communities that have developed their own projects. Over time we’ll add more resources and tools you can use to move your clean energy efforts forward.

Clean Energy Information

Follow the links below to see single page summaries of different forms of renewable energy – including questions to ask when first starting to look and information about communities that have already completed these types of projects. More one pagers will be uploaded regularly.

Solar Power

The sun provides plenty of energy, learn how to harness it!

Let the sun shine!

Hydro Power

Rolling rivers provide steady streams of energy. Learn how.

Paddle this way for info!

Wind Power

West winds blow and turbines spin. Here’s what you need to know about wind power.

Feel the wind in your hair!


Below are videos clean energy projects that have been developed with Indigenous communities either as owners and partners. Click here to see all videos.

Lubicon Solar
Okikendawt Hydro Project
M.E.R.E. Wind Project
Kanaka Bar Solar
Jimmie Creek Hydro Project
Gitchi Animki Hydro Project
Bow Lake Wind Project
T’Souke Community Solar