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ImaGENation, a new Indigenous youth mentorship program has just launched  

Designed for Indigenous youth by Indigenous youth, the program is an opportunity to advance Indigenous youth vision and voices in the transition towards a sustainable future  

By Indigenous Clean Energy

OTTAWA, ON, August 12, 2021 ― In partnership with SevenGen and Student Energy, Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Social Enterprise is pleased to announce the official launch of ImaGENation (Imagine-Nation), a capacity-building program that will support 10 teams of Indigenous youth (ages 18-30) from across Canada to kick-start a clean energy project through mentorship, cultural guidance, and a guaranteed $10,000 project award.  

“We are extremely proud to provide an opportunity for Indigenous youth to build capacity as well as sustainable projects within their communities and to learn from Indigenous energy leaders. The creation of ImaGENation is timely in order to influence and provide exemplary models of the incredible potential of Indigenous youth to impact a just energy future,” said Jordyn Burnouf, SevenGen Co-Chair, Student Energy.  

The program was developed with the goal of creating a space for Indigenous youth to imagine a sustainable future for their community and the opportunity to transform that vision into meaningful project-based action. 

According to Alexandra Thomson, Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program Manager, “ImaGENation creates space for Indigenous youth to advance an equitable future through clean energy projects rooted in Indigenous knowledge and holistic perspectives, ultimately building a strong foundation of leadership skills that weave sustainability into nationhood for generations to come.” 

Beginning in September 2021, 10 teams of Indigenous youth will be selected and enrolled into an 18-month program that will provide a culturally embedded ecosystem of support to plan and implement their clean energy project idea. 

Each team will receive project-specific mentorship, coaching, cultural guidance, and a project award to support their project goals. This project award will be rolled out in phases as Indigenous youth teams are mentored to successfully reach project goals in alignment with Indigenous values and community engagement principles. 

“The ImaGENation program is built on the recognition that Indigenous youth are the future leaders of our communities, and as such, the goal is to build capacity in the clean energy sector as it intersects with Indigenous community needs and values. Youth participants will develop skills in core areas, such as Indigenous clean energy leadership, project planning and management, community engagement, partnership outreach, energy and financial literacy, and collaboration and networking.” Alexandra Thomson

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Alexandra Thomson, ImaGENation Program Manager  

Lina Forero, Communications Manager 


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