Indigenous Clean Energy Projects

Indigenous communities…leaders in clean energy projects.

Across Canada, Indigenous communities have been significantly involved in over 197 clean energy projects over 1 MW. Their involvement ranges from Impact Benefit Agreements to direct ownership of projects. These opportunities are generating jobs and training opportunities for community members and providing a more consistent flow of revenue to meet community needs.

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The map below displays these larger projects. Over time, and with your input, we can grow the map to reflect the hundreds of smaller projects and initiatives that Indigenous communities have championed. If you know of a project, let us know by clicking: ‘Add an ICE Project’ to right. See a change that needs to be made? Click ‘Suggest a Change’.


Click on an icon in the map below to see more information about that project. Click on the box with an arrow (in the upper left corner) to open a menu and filter projects by resource type. Click the frame in the upper right corner to open the map in full screen mode.

Note: The map currently displays only large renewable energy projects (1+ MW) that are currently either operational or under construction. Over time more community projects less than 1 MW,  will be added.

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