ICE Network

Join the action!

If you are interested in Indigenous clean energy, the ICE Network should be your first stop. The Network provides a space to:

  • Learn about clean energy technologies,
  • Connect with others who are moving projects forward,
  • Share funding, programming, and job opportunities,
  • Work together to increase Indigenous involvement and leadership in clean energy.


The Network is organized around Forums of key interest to Indigenous communities such as: Off-Grid Diesel Reliance, Energy Efficiency, BioEnergy, Community Energy Planning, etc.

The ICE Network uses its online platform to support ongoing connections amongst members and make it easy to share relevant news, questions, and upcoming events. The full power of the Network though lies in the special ‘ICE Power Hour’ sessions (formerly CoLabs) hosted each month. These sessions are intensive network-building and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Content included will vary based on the Network’s needs but may include project updates, technology features, policy discussion, and more.

The ICE Network will always be free and open to anyone interested. Membership includes Indigenous community members, members of the 20/20 Catalysts Program, and representatives from Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments, utilities, non-profits, private developers, academia, philanthropic organizations, and more.