Catalyst Program Artist Spotlight

The 20/20 Catalyst Program is pleased to introduce our two Wakefield feature artists, Linda Vanderlee and Emilio Wawatie, who will be participating in the first On-site Intensive Session beginning on July 10. Inspired by such themes as community engagement, Indigenous partnership, and clean energy, Linda and Emilio will be writing a song to promote and bring an artistic element to the 20/20 Program. After getting a brief taste for the program they will be presenting their song for the Mentors and Catalyst during one of our fireside evenings. To learn more about Linda and Emilio and what they do, check out their bios below.

Linda Vanderlee


Linda Vanderlee lives in a century old barn in rural Quebec where she jams with friends and listens for songs to emerge. As a professional coach and facilitator, Linda enjoys connecting with people and supporting their dreams of a life well lived. Songwriting is one way that Linda flexes her creative muscles, tapping into a sliver of life’s experiences, observations and feelings. Her musical dream is to play with and for others at fundraisers, community events and house parties simply for the joy of it.

Emilio Wawatie

Emilio Wawatie is an Algonquin from Barriere Lake, Quebec and is 24 years old. Emilio is a musician, film maker, writer and is continuing his studies in music this fall at Cambrian College in Sudbury. Emilio has been playing guitar for 12 years and decided to pursue a career in music in his later teen years. Emilio has often worked with Wapikoni mobile on and off through out the years whenever he is able to seize an opportunity. Through projects with Wapikoni, Emilio has traveled to New York City, Finland, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan allowing him to experience not only different areas of Canada but also the world.