Youth Mentorship Program Manager

Alexandra (She/Her) is a Nakoda woman mixed with French descent, belonging to Carry the Kettle (Cega’kin) First Nation, Treaty 4 Territory. She currently resides in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, AB.) Treaty 7 Territory. 

Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. A community driven individual, Alexandra strives to apply her education in combination with Indigenous ways of knowing to solve issues that impact Indigenous communities as it relates to energy, infrastructure, sustainability, and socioeconomics. Alexandra’s goal is to empower Indigenous communities to establish sovereignty through community-based project work and capacity building initiatives. She hopes to nurture an interest in STEM amongst Indigenous women and youth, as it is her belief that Indigenous knowledge can largely contribute to an evolving holistic framework in the field that will ultimately provide meaningful, tangible, and long-lasting solutions for Indigenous communities.