Action Forums

Action forums are the ICE Network’s collaborative engines for change.

Action forums bring people together around issues related to Indigenous clean energy (like reducing diesel dependence in off-grid communities). Together members identify specific actions that need to happen and work collectively to achieve them. The outcomes are practical and impact oriented. It’s about figuring out what small change could make a huge difference, and making it.

Forums are open to all. whether you’re a community member, a government official, whether you work for a utility or a non-profit. Anyone who is interested in helping to figure out ways to address issues specific to Indigenous participation in clean energy, is welcome to join.

There is no membership fee or dues. The only requirement is that you actively participate, whether that be asking questions, providing input, or directly helping with a project. The commitment will vary from person to person and may change over time.

We’ve identified five initial action forums that will be launched over the next two years. These are all tentative and will change based on need and interest. The identified topics are:

  • Off-Grid Diesel Reduction (already launched)
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation (already launched)
  • Jobs and Economic Development (launching early-2018)
  • Energy Literacy (launching 2018)
  • Climate Change (launch TBD)

We hope you’ll join us in continuing to grow Indigenous clean energy leadership.

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