Troy Jerome

Co-Chair, Advisory Council Executive

Mr. Troy Jerome is a citizen of the Mi’gmaq Nation, residing at Listuguj, Québec. Mr. Jerome devoted much of his career serving the Mi’gmaq Nation as a firm believer in the inherent right to self-government and to their permanent sovereignty over their lands and resources.

 From 2004, Mr. Jerome began to closely monitor the development of the Wind Energy industry taking hold in Gespe’gewa’gi. Seeing that Quebec was mobilizing to install over 40% of its 4,000 MW of wind energy projects ($4.0 Billion investment) in the territory of his people, he pushed to have Chiefs and Councils demand that the Quebec Assembly discuss energy projects with the Mi’gmaq on a Nation-to-Nation basis.

 After discussions with Chiefs regarding natural resources, title rights and nation-building strategies; including a plan to put forward a major wind energy initiative for the Mi’gmaq, Mr. Jerome was asked to serve as Executive Director and Nutewistoq for the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi’s political lobbying office, the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat (MMS). This initiative was considered successful when the 150 MW wind farm became operational on December 2016 — this Mi’gmaq wind farm continues to bring power to 30,000 households.

 After completing his tenure with the MMS, Troy went on to create SEN’TI Environmental and Indigenous Services followed by SEN’TI Innovations. Troy continues to bring forward a future in which renewables and clean technology become mainstream.

 SEN’TI is currently working to build and operate a first of its kind in North America, actually it will be the first commercial, small scale, Green Ammonia plant in the world.

 SEN’TI will synthesize green ammonia in the Gaspesie using renewable energy from wind farms and hydro dams and will provide the green ammonia as a de-nox agent to reduce the emissions from the manufacturing of cement.

 SEN’TI sees a future wherein Quebec and the Maritime provinces synthesize green ammonia as a safe and carbon free alternative to diesel – as a clean power fuel for heavy equipment and marine vessels and as a large scale battery for northern communities.

 Mr. Jerome also serves as a Co-Chair and mentor with the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise to assist Indigenous Communities to become energy independent and to help Indigenous Nations lead Canada away from fossil fuels and the transition into renewable and clean technology.