Kim Scott

Co-Chair, Executive Advisory Council

Ms. Scott is founder and principal investigator of Kishk Anaquot Health Research (KAHR), an independent Indigenous owned and operated consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, program design, performance measurement, partnership development and environmental sustainability with a varied client base of universities, government departments, professional associations, international and non-governmental organizations, school boards, health centres and communities.   Her career spans a broad spectrum of activity related to public health, governance, comprehensive sustainability planning as well as international, organizational and community development.  Ms. Scott holds a Master of Science from the University of Waterloo, is member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and the Canadian Sustainability Indicators Network.   Her professional interests include advancing democracy through distributed, community owned clean energy systems, reinforcing moral independence and self directing freedom for Indigenous communities through energy independence and amplifying the nexus between human health, energy and environmental integrity.