Tami Sugarman

Mrs. Sugarman has been managing resource development projects for BluMetric Environmental Inc. (BluMetric™) (formerly WESA) since 1986. Her environmental project management experience began with municipal water supply development projects, solid waste and other contaminant delineation and management projects in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Over the past 30 years she has been involved planning processes and environmental impact assessments on resource development projects for private developers; municipal, First Nations and Metis communities; the insurance industry, financial industry and aggregate industry; as well as provincial and federal governments. In due course, her career path transitioned towards green energy projects which remain her current focus (primarily waterpower).

Since 2002, Mrs. Sugarman has guided her Ontario waterpower clients through both the Ont. Reg. 116/01 planning process, and the Ontario Waterpower Association’s (OWA) Class EAs for Waterpower Projects under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.  She has also completed federal screenings under Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA, prior to 2012) and related approvals as per the Dominion Waterpower Act, and is well versed in various federal departments Section 67 planning processes under the new CEAA (since 2012). Ms. Sugarman is skilled with navigating through complex arrangements of regulatory approvals processes established to protect all aspects of our environment (water, land, air, flora and fauna, human culture and society).

Mrs. Sugarman is actively involved in the OWA’s task team initiatives to promote and streamline the complex relationships between EA and environmental regulatory approvals. In her current position as Energy Projects Team Manager at BluMetric™, she leads a multi-discipline team of internal as well as external consultants and associates.