Søren Hermansen

After achieving his green certificate as a farmer, Søren turned to education and community development and 1998 became the organisation leader of Samso Energy and Environment organisation (SEEO) based in Samsø, Denmark which is known as Denmark’s 100% Renewable Energy Island.

As a farmer Søren is familiar with technology and is experienced in the renewable energy development tools such as windpower, solar, biomass and all the technical stuff you need to know in this business. This is handy in conversations with stakeholders and activists that take place every day on Samsø. In Denmark, in the European union and the world in general, Søren is translating common knowledge and “top down” policies into local action. “Community power is key to energy democracy and local ownership.”

Søren has also been a speaker at conferences in universities all over the world and is a board member of OVE, the Danish organisation for renewable energy. Since 2006 he has been the CEO of Samso Energy Academy.