Shaun Loney

Shaun Loney is a social enterprise developer based out of Winnipeg’s North End. He is the co-founder of: BUILD (Building Local Industries toward Local Development) which insulates homes and conducts water efficiency retrofits; Manitoba Green Retrofit (high efficient furnace installs); and, Aki Energy (geothermal, solar thermal, and local food production). In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship, in addition to being designated as Entrepreneur of the Year in the Prairies by Ernst and Young.

From 2002-2208, Shaun was the government of Manitoba’s Director of Energy Policy working on the biofuels mandates and the expansion of both renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  In this capacity he advocated for the PAYS (Pay-As-You-Save) energy efficiency program for the province.  Since leaving his provincial government role, Shaun, Shaun Loney has been dedicated to social entrepreneurship and sustainable energy on the ground in communities.

Through his authorship of BUILD Prosperity: Energizing Manitoba’s Local Economy, Shaun put forward a strategic approach whereby Manitoba and other regions can pursue social, environmental, and economic sustainability and progress.  In 2011, Shaun founded the Social Enterprise Centre (SEC), a partnership between BUILD, Manitoba Green Retrofit, and Pollock’s Hardware Cooperative and housed in a restored and retrofitted ninety-year-old Canada Post building. A manifestation of Shaun’s interest in and commitment to social entrepreneurship, and comparable to an impact hub, the SEC provides an integrated cooperative framework dedicated to a green economy, poverty reduction and improved housing.

Shaun considers renewable energy to be important to the province and the country due to its ability to provide a healthy local economy. Sustainable city planning, effective public transit, changes to the 1960 Manitoba Hydro Act, and replacement of fossil fuels with local options such as geothermal heat pump installations and biomass projects are presented as instruments and policies that could promote renewable energy development in the Province.  Shaun is very proud that Aki Energy actively promotes green business and local economic development in First Nations communities, including apprenticeships for sustainable development – a model for similar initiatives across Canada.