Reg Renner

Reg Renner joined Atticus Financial in 2004 and quickly discovered that his combination of forestry and greenhouse experience allowed him to finance equipment for a diverse group of clients across North America. In 2009, he spoke in Edmonton at the 6th annual CanBio Conference on the subject of ‘Project Financing’ for biomass heating systems. That presentation led to a ten-part series for the Canadian Biomass magazine and a consulting job for a client interested in understanding the future potential of torrefaction (Bio-coal).

Reg has extensive experience working across Canada with clients regarding biomass supply issues, suitable biomass technologies, economic paybacks, and business plans. This background and experience has led to increased consulting work and feasibility studies that have focused on how the project might be financed and built using various funding options. In 2012, he wrote a discussion paper for Canmet Energy on the challenges and future of financing Canadian Biomass District Heating projects and presented some of those observations at the 2013 CanBio conference in Gatineau, Quebec.

Reg has also presented two different times at the International Bioenergy Conference in Prince George and has been a session moderator at the International Biomass Conference in Portland, Oregon in 2009.

Reg has served on the Board of Directors for the BC-based Bioenergy 2.0 Association, as an advisor to the Alberta Innovates-Bio-solutions group, and to the organizing committee for the 2016 Biocleantech Forum held in Ottawa. As a facilitator working with equipment suppliers, project developers, engineers and funders, Reg believes it is a great honor to serve as a mentor for the 20/20 Catalyst Program and looks forward to meeting, sharing real-life experiences, and learning from the 20/20 Catalyst participants and other team members.