Mac Lowry

Mac Lowry is a professional biologist and natural resource project manager with focused experience in the renewable energy sector. The Senior Environmental Manager for global energy company Alterra Power, Mac is responsible for the environmental management and permitting of Alterra’s hydroelectric, wind and geothermal facilities.

Mac is passionate about environmental policy and land use decisions.  He is a regular contributor to industry/government policy improvement initiatives and represents Alterra Power at the Clean Energy Association of BC. A graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Forestry Faculty, a former tree planter, and wildfire fighter, Mac takes pride in drawing on his varied experience to develop pragmatic solutions for environmental protection and promoting a transition to a low carbon society.

Mac lives in Vancouver BC with his wife and two young children. He enjoys climbing, biking and skiing in the local mountains.  Mac and his family’s real  excitement comes from experiencing and learning from Canada’s remote environs and rural communities. They are always seeking opportunities, whether through work or play, to travel to Canada’s less visited locations.