Judith Lipp

Judith Lipp is a recognized national leader in community energy development, advocacy and renewable energy education.  She has more than 17 years of research, education and project development experience in sustainable energy issues in Canada and abroad. Most recently she led the research and writing of the First Nations Electricity Report: An Energy Literacy Toolkit for Meaningful Participation, a tool prepared for the Chiefs of Ontario.


Judith is the Executive Director (ED) of TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative (since 2008) and the founding Director of TREC Education, a charitable foundation that delivers innovative, hands-on renewable energy education and capacity building programs to various audiences across Ontario, including First Nations communities. Judith oversaw the design and implementation of the Indigenous Careers in Renewable Energy Program launched by TREC Education in 2014 and is currently managing the First Nations Energy Education Exchange, a knowledge-sharing initiative developed in collaboration with the Chiefs of Ontario.


In her role with TREC Co-op and as founding President of the Federation of Community Power Co-operatives (FCPC) Judith works with a variety of partners and collaborators to document and share renewable energy development tools and experiences to foster greater community participation and benefit retention of RE projects.