Eryn Stewart

Eryn Stewart is a Project Director at Lumos Energy – Canada’s leading clean energy advisory group to Indigenous communities on clean energy projects. Eryn leads Lumos Energy activities in the areas of community energy planning, community engagement, energy-literacy, and project management. Currently, Eryn is working with the Nunatsiavut Government, a self-governing Inuit regional government in Labrador, to implement the ‘Nunatsiavut Energy Security Plan’, as well as, Lubicon Lake Band on the development and implementation of their community energy plan in Alberta 
Eryn’s professional pursuit with Lumos Energy is to provide sustainable energy development opportunities for on and off-grid Indigenous communities through renewables, and energy efficiency and conservation efforts, while providing energy education opportunities for communitiesLumos Energy recently launched a pan-Canadian non-profit, the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise (ICE SE) to house the 20/20 Catalysts Program. Eryn is extremely proud that ICE SE has Indigenous governance and leadership which she feels mirrors her values for inclusive leadership in the clean energy sector.