Desmond Bull

Desmond G. Bull is an elected councillor for the Louis Bull Tribe of the Maskwacis nation in this treaty 6 territory of Alberta.

Starting in the field of education, Desmond began working for Maskwacis in 2002, and continued till 2013. The employable responsibilities in education began with his role as a teacher’s assistant. With continued training he added responsibilities such as: youth career development, events coordinator and I.T. personal.

During his training, Desmond has successfully completed the Aboriginal Leadership, Governance and Management at the Banff Art Centre in 2012. With these tools Desmond campaigned and in the spring of 2013 Desmond was elected to his first term for the community of Louis Bull Tribe. This role continued in office when was re-elected to a third term in February, 2018. His role as a leader had allowed him to sit on various boards in the Maskwacis area, which he still continues to do.

As a first nation member, elected official and an environmental steward, Desmond began to research and started to develop initiatives for PV systems (Solar) to be installed on their public buildings. This priority was to utilize the sun to harness energy and convert it to electricity to offset utility finances and divert them internally to department programs.

With the proper research that included training, Desmond had successfully spearheaded the installations of 188 Kwh of PV (solar) on 8 public separate buildings which was completed in February 2018. These projects are installed by trained band members, 100 % owned by the tribe and fully funded through grants/subsidies, infrastructure development, sponsorship and fundraising. Louis Bull Tribe did not invest any capital into these projects.

This work in renewables opened opportunities for Desmond to affiliate himself with groups such as: The Green Economy Network in Edmonton, Energy Futures Lab of Alberta, The Alberta Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel, Alberta Solar Energy Society, Aboriginal Climate Action Team, Climate Leadership program and the 20/20 Catalysts program.

Desmond continues his work for his community, first nations and the environment. A vison for Desmond is to create a 4-5 MWH electrical system to provide all electrical needs for his tribe and surrounding communities.