Chief Gordon Planes

Gordon’s traditional name is HYA-QUATCHA, named after his great grandfather from Scia-new, (CHEE-A-NEW), THE SALMON PEOPLE.

Gordon has been elected Chief of T’Sou-ke (SAA- UKE) nation for the last 10 years, he sits on many boards encompassing the Salish Sea.

He has previously been a logger, commercial fisherman, pipe fitter by trade and a Back Country Operations Manager with Pacific Rim National Parks Reserve.

Gordon is a Coast Salish artist and carver, traditional singer and captain of T’Sou-ke (SAA-UKE) traditional dug-out canoes.

Gordon and his wife, Marcella live in the village of SCIA-O-SUN, they have 6 children and 6 grand-children. He is actively working closely with the community with renewable energy, food and water security, Coast Salish language revitalization and Economic Development.