Bill Touzel

Bill Touzel has been immersed in the Renewable Energy and Environmental Science industries for over 30 years.  In addition to executive leadership and entrepreneurial roles with consultancy and technology companies, he is directly involved in waterpower project development, construction, and operations in Canada and abroad on behalf of many public and private sector clients.  He is also co-owner/operator of the run-of-river Hydro Low Generating Station, giving him direct hands-on experience in all aspects of the waterpower industry.  He has worked for and alongside over a dozen First Nations.  For several years he was a member of the Project Peer Review Committee for the FCM “Green Municipal Funds”, and was once nominated for the Canadian Business “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.  A business he led was named “Professional Services Business of the Year” by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and “Employer of the Year” by ECO Canada.

Bill has also been a member at various times of several boards of directors, has spearheaded corporate development initiatives including the acquisition of a public company by RTO, and the acquisition/sale of several waterpower facilities, an analytical laboratory, and three environmental engineering businesses.  Bill has been very active in the Ontario Waterpower Association for over a decade, particularly in areas related to First Nations capacity building, environmental assessment and regulatory issues, and financial analysis.