Bill Breckenridge

Bill Breckenridge began his public sector career with the Department of Justice in St. John’s Newfoundland, in 1998 following two years as Ph.D. candidate in History at Memorial University. In 2002 Bill joined the Council of Atlantic Premiers Secretariat in Halifax as a Regional Coordinator responsible for several energy, environmental and education files. In 2007 he accepted a position with the New Brunswick Department of Energy in the Saint John office as the Director of Renewable Energy and Emerging Technologies. In 2013, he moved to Fredericton to accept the role at Executive Director for Business Development, Community Relations, and Inter-governmental affairs. In 2016, he assumed his current role as Assistant Deputy Minister for Energy and Mining in the New Brunswick Department of Energy and Mines.

Bill has B.Ed, B.A. (Honoues) and a M.A. (History).