Alexandre Vigneault

In 2012, Alexandre co-founded Koho Power Corporation, a company focused on empowering communities to develop and manage their own energy infrastructures. Alexandre has been providing technical expertise in the past four years to write more than five Community Energy Plans for First Nations communities in British Columbia. Alexandre has experience evaluating potential for a wide range of clean energy projects such as: on-grid and off-grid solar, wind, micro-grid with battery storage, biomass, small hydro, energy efficiency, district energy, and waste heat recovery.

Alexandre started consulting in 2009, when he co-founded 3EYOND Consulting Group, a firm focusing on providing sustainability services including carbon footprint, sustainability assessment, and life cycle assessment.
Alexandre has a PhD in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in the field of clean energy and distributed hydrogen production. He also holds a master’s degree specializing in biochemical and biofuel production from the University of Sherbrooke, Qc. Alexandre has also experience in industrial R&D projects, transforming waste materials into useful biochemical, fertilizer, biodiesel, and other biofuels.

Alexandre grew up in Sept-Îles, Qc, and speaks both English and French.