AJ Esquega

AJ Esquega comes from KiashkeZaagingAnishinaabek – Gull Bay First Nation (KZA), an Ojibwe Community, signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty, located on the Western Shoreline of Lake Nipigon in Northwestern Ontario. AJ is a former Councillor to KZA and currently serving as the Community’s Mashkawiziiwin Energy Projects Coordinator, the official liaison between the citizens, Chief & Council, industry partners, levels of Government, funders, and service providers. He successfully coordinated the Giizis Energy Solar Storage Micro Grid Project, the FIRST of its kind in Canada, and now 100% owned by the Community. Giziis Energy can power the whole community on sunny days and replaces approx. 25% of diesel fuel with solar energy a year. AJ is also a 2017 graduate in the 2020 Catalyst program, continuing on as a mentor for future 2020 Catalysts and Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise. He listens to guidance from his Elders and keeps in his heart the sustainable future for KZA and next generations. He is heavily equipped with confidence and resources to bring KZA clean energy projects to the next level and looking forward to the new challenges ahead.