The 20/20 Catalysts Program Curriculum focuses on five Energy Skills Categories. Each category is broken down into 4-5 key session topics. Hands-on learning techniques, practical skills application, and real-world examples are core to the Program Curriculum. The Program has been designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate each community’s specific clean energy needs. While the On-site Intensive Sessions will most directly cover these topics, there are Learning-into-Practice activities between Sessions where Catalysts will apply the knowledge and skills that they have gained to their projects and communities. Throughout the program, Catalysts will be supported by Program Mentors using the Online Collaborative Knowledge Centre.

Skills Category

Topics Covered

  • Community Information Sessions & Communications Mechanisms
  • Community Votes & Referendums
  • Land Designations & Environmental Processes
  • Project Reporting & Accountability
  • Long-Term Economic Development Planning
  • Project Site Management and Control
  • Procurement of Indigenous Services: Construction & Operations
  • Creating Indigenous Companies & Partnering with Non-Aboriginal Service/Product Companies
  • Human Resource Skills Development & Training
  • Hiring & Screening Practices
  • Local & Regional Employment Strategies
  • Apprenticeships & Mentoring
  • Equity Financing Options & Structuring
  • Financing Terms & Conditions
  • Banking & Investment Management
  • Financial Risks Reduction
  • Community Trusts & Structuring of Clean Energy Holdings/Assets
  • Financing Management & Transparency
  • Investment Strategies & Options
  • On-Going Project Monitoring & Governance