About the Program

Making connections. Building relationships. Learning by doing.

The 20/20 Catalysts Program is an award-winning interactive three-month program that connects First Nations, Inuit and Métis Catalysts to a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Clean Energy Project Mentors and Coaching Specialists involved in clean energy project development both on and off-grid, including: solar and wind farming, hydro, biomass, and geothermal power, and energy efficiency upgrades.  

As a Catalyst you will learn from Program Mentors, Coaches, and fellow colleagues through shared experiences and lessons learned from past projects. Ultimately, you will walk away from the Program with the skills, tools, and resources to maximize the social and economic benefits their community gains through participation in clean energy projects. 


Program Goals

There is no substitute for local knowledge and good relationships. External experts offer valuable advice, but achieving benefits, creating social change, and investing and utilizing project earnings require in-house leadership. Through the Program, we connect Catalysts with program mentors from across the country to acquire fundamental clean energy skills and know-how, which is brought back to communities.

Catalysts are encouraged to share their program experiences and tools with others in their communities. This may come in the form of employment skills, community planning, financial management, or any number of other features that foster the involvement of community members.

The ultimate goal of the 20/20 Catalyst Program is for Indigenous communities to feel confident and prepared to partner on clean energy projects; and benefit the most out of those partnerships. Communities will be ready to capitalize on projects presented to them and seek out clean energy development opportunities of their own.

On-site Intensives


Our On-site Intensive Sessions are held at unique facilities situated in the heart of Canada’s natural landscape. These facilities foster a comfortable learning environment that enables creativity and collaboration, and are selected strategically based on their proximity to clean and renewable energy projects.

Osoyoos, British Columbia

Kelowna, British Columbia

Greater Toronto Area/Alton, Ontario

Program Mentors

The Program is led and supported by 25+ of the most knowledgeable and experienced Indigenous leaders and clean energy practitioners from across the country. All of our Program Mentors bring valued experiences with clean energy project development and have a rooted familiarity with Indigenous culture, traditions and values. Our Program Mentors facilitate learning sessions using a variety of teaching techniques exposing Catalysts to the breadth and depth of project development all the way to project completion.


One of the most unique aspects and important aspects of the 20/20 Program is the personalized professional coaching. Over the course of the Program, participants will have six one-on-one and three group sessions. The coaching helps Catalysts unlock your leadership potential, overcome barriers, and reflect on what it all means for you and how you want to act on it.

The ice Network

Catalysts will join the Indigenous Clean Energy Network, an innovative online platform where Catalysts connect with current and past Catalysts and mentors. The platform has been designed to:

  • Enable collaboration on clean energy projects;
  • Allow individuals to dive deeper into a topic through access to relevant articles, presentations, and tools;
  • Foster continued learning with the latest clean energy news and resources; and
  • Support collective action on key issues related to Indigenous clean energy.


The 20/20 Catalysts Program is the proud recipient of the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s 2018 Group Leadership Award. This award recognizes visionary leaders and clean energy pioneers for their outstanding contribution to the Canadian wind industry. To learn more about the award, please visit CanWEA’s site.